Brain Atlas
A project by some awesome guys in Basel, Switzerland

About Brain Atlas

For the paper of Gschwind et al. we needed a way to show the findings in a way where the reader (you, I suppose) can easily access and explore them. With that in mind we began the journey, always on the search for an appropriate tool that meets our needs.

After aeons of ever searching the void for that one tool, we found the perfect one - the neuroviewer tool by Tan . At the beginning, we just jokingly played around the code, modified it here and there, bend it to our needs, inserted nerdy comments - the usual programming stuff, that said.

After some time, however, it got more serious and we considered the tool to be viable to visualize the complex findings by Gschwind et al. We knew that it was neccessary to provide a frame for the tool, hence the Brain Atlas website was born.

Soon, we realized that the neuroviewer (e.g. the brain atlas) was not enought. We needed another way to visualize the numerical data. And behold, the magic circle was born! With the power of D3.js we constucted yet another tool to fit our numerical data need.

Together, the atlas and the circle provide full insight to the data in Gschwind et al.'s scientific paper. Contact us if you have any quiestion. We're always down for a chat!

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