Brain Atlas
A project by some awesome guys in Basel, Switzerland

How Brain Atlas works

Using Brain Atlas is fairly simple! At the bottom you see the blue navigation menu from where you can (obviously) navigate to a certain point. Once you’ve chosen something from the navigation, it will be added to your layer list on the right (titled ‘Layers’). When doing so you’ll see that we already assigned a fancy colour palette for your chosen layer. This colour palette, however, can be changed from the drop down just below the layer list, just in case you prefer an other colour scheme. Furthermore, you can add several additional layers and manage their ordering by simply drag and drop them into an ordering of your choice (yep, they are movable).

Every layer can be made invisible (or visible; ), downloaded as a file () or trashed (). Once you’re done with adding layers you can click inside the image below. You’ll see that the T-value on the right changed as the coordinates did too.

Go ahead and experiment a bit, you won’t break anything, promised!

Load a preset (experimental):
Initial value
Color palette: Positive/Negative: Opacity is set to
Pos. threshold is set to
Neg. threshold is set to