Brain Atlas
A project by some awesome guys in Basel, Switzerland

What is Brain Atlas?

Tl;dr: It's a website with two interactive tools to show the different activations in the brain.

More precise: it's a website with two interactive tools accompanying the scientific paper by Gschwind et al.1 to show all the findings found there in a comprehensible, intuitive way.
After all, as we all know, a piece of paper is two dimensional (except if you're an origami master and able to bend that paper into a fully functioning fMRI) and very limited in it's ability to visualize complex, more dimensional pictures. That's why we choose to modify the original tool by Tal Yarkoni 2 and use the JavaScript library D3.js3 to develop two tools, the Atlas and the Circle.

Ok now, no more talk, why don't you head over to the Atlas or the Circle and check it out yourself? It's awesome!

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2 See his GitHub Repo